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C-FLUG photo by ABPic
C-FLUG photo by ABPic

What is C-FLUG?

C-FLUG MB 99s C150 is located at the Lyncrest Airport, on the outskirts of Winnipeg, Manitoba. C-FLUG is owned by the Manitoba Chapter of the International Ninety-Nines.


You’ll see C-FLUG at airports all over Manitoba and on cross country trips across Canada and the USA. For more information see What is

Where is C-FLUG?

Lyncrest Airport is located at 57119 Murdock Rd (2 km north of Fermor Avenue, about 2 km inside the east Perimeter Highway, north of Tinker Town and Fun Mountain on Murdock Rd.) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


You can also track C-FLUG's current whereabouts by going here!


For information, contact womenflyfree@gmail.com.